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At J.P. Kush & Associates, we know that our job is to protect individuals and businesses from financial adversity.  Whether it is an unexpected medical condition, an unexpected business peril, an accident, or the loss of a loved one, we believe that our plans help people  overcome these trying  life events.  This is a responsibility that we at J.P. Kush do not take lightly.

Our licensed Insurance Advisors are committed to building life-long relationships with our clients based on trust.  This trust is achieved over time by consistently providing our clients with practical, sound insurance advice. Independent and unbiased, our Insurance Advisors take a complete and proactive approach when identifying which products or services may best fit our client’s needs.  We do this by taking the time to meet with, and listen to our clients making recommendations together with their input.  In turn, our clients find real solutions and peace of mind.