.P. Kush & Associates is a leading insurance firm specializing in individual and employee benefits.  Our clientele consists of business owners, self-employed, and families seeking quality insurance coverage at an affordable rate.  It is our wide range of services, relationships with leading insurance carriers, and exceptional customer service that we are able to meet this objective.


“With the downturn in our economy and rising insurance rates, J.P. Kush & Associates presented us with several affordable health insurance options during our annual rate renewal period. It was truly a pleasure to conduct business with them.”

Grace Campbell
Human Resources Manager
MCM Management Corporation

“As a small business owner, I simply do not have time to shop insurance plans whenever my premiums increase. Thankfully, my insurance advisor at J.P. Kush does that for me. Over the five years, not only have I been happy with my benefits, I’ve also been happy with the service. It’s nice to work with an insurance agency that follows up with me throughout the year and is always on the lookout for the best given health plans available to me and my employees.”

Steve Streit
Big Brush Painting

“I have kept my health insurance coverage with J.P. Kush & Associates for years. I have always been able to count on thorough explanations, competitive rates, and having my program updated on a regular basis. The combination of knowledge and caring is a winning one for clients like me.”

Cheryl Ebinger
Kennon Worldwide